OZCO OWT Lite 6X6 Post Base - Ironwood

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Ironwood Lite 6X6 Post Base

Like the OWT Post base, the new 6 in. x 6 in. Post Base Ironwood OWT-Lite by OZCO is beautifully designed and features some of the same patented features as the Original. It also features a 1 inch offset to meet international residential building code for installation using non-rot-resistant lumber. The OWT Lite products are simplified versions of the original OWT products designed to meet the minimum load requirements and are offered at a lower price point. The main differences between OWT-Lite and Original are the OWT-Lite version has plates on 2 sides instead of all 4 and is fabricated with steel that is 40% thinner. OWT Lite Bases are made of galvanized steel, then black powder coated with an attractive finish! OWT Lite can be combined with the entire line of OWT connectors for a uniform and professional look throughout your whole project. Like the original OWT Post base, OWT lite features individually adjustable plates that allow them to fit tightly against each side of the post every time depending on species or market.


  • 1 - Base Plate
  • 2 - Side Compression Plate
  • 4 - 2-3/4" OWT Timber Screws
  • 4 - Hbolt .3750-16 x .75 x .75-N


  • Typical installation with OWT (Ornamental Wood Ties) Ironwood 6-in x 6-in Post Base are pergolas, pavilions, railings and other medium to larger projects
  • Kits come in different sizes from 4-in x 4-in, 6-in x 6-in, 8-in x 8-in, up to 10-in x 10-in to fit square posts
  • Kits can be mounted to concrete, wood, stone or Oz-posts


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review